About Music Partners

Music Partners


Chapel Hill Children’s School has a very special program that we are proud to offer to the children in our 18-24 month old classes. This innovative program, Music Partners, was successfully launched in 2009 to enhance our students' music experience while providing many lifelong benefits to both the students and their families. The Music Partners class is led by our music teacher, Stacey Dyer. Stacey has had many years experience in parent/child music classes, both as a parent and teacher. Formerly a licensed Kindermusik instructor, Stacey has taught music at CHCS for the past eleven years.

The Music Partners class is designed for the child and a participating parent or caregiver. Here are just a few of the comments made by some of last year’s Partners:

Music Partners …great opportunity to bond with my child…improved my child’s vocabulary through singing…helped smooth my child’s transition from home to school…brought my shy child out a little more each week…taught us songs, finger plays and games to use at home with the rest of our family…gave me valuable one-on-one time with my child during her school day…loved seeing my child in his car seat keeping a steady beat by clapping or tapping his knee…we loved this class!

The only cost to parents is a few minutes of time once a week to attend the Music Partners class with their child. Any adult who is important in the child’s life is invited to participate as a “partner” – mom, dad, grandparent, nanny, etc. Music Partners begins at 9:05 and is over by 9:25. Parents are on their way by 9:30!  For parents who choose not to participate in the class, one of the child’s teachers act as his/her “Partner” to attend with the child weekly.

Working together, we are excited to be able to create a music experience that will positively impact your child for a lifetime.