Everything you need to know about our

Registration Process

The program director shall review and approve, or deny, all applications for enrollment. There will be no discrimination because of race or religion. Enrollment will be open to any child, provided the school can meet the needs of that child.

Initial enrollment each year will include existing CHCS children at a date and time specified by the director. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis and will proceed in the following manner:

  • Presently enrolled students
  • Siblings of current students
  • Church members (by Jan 1) and alumni
  • Open Enrollment

When enrollment in a class becomes full, children will be put on a waiting list. Parents will be notified when space becomes available.

Parents must fill out an Enrollment Form for each child, listing allergies, emergency phone numbers, etc. Each child must have a current immunization record (or notarized Affidavit of Exemption), a signed statement of good health and birth certificate on file with CHCS.

Class placement will be determined by a child’s age, as of September 1, beginning with 18 months. Children will be grouped according to age and remain in the same class for the year. Class groupings will be the discretion of the director and staff. Children must be fully potty trained (no pull-ups) before they are accepted into the preschool program (3 and 4 year olds).


Mark your calendar with these

Important Dates

  • January 22 - January 23 | Current Student Registration | 1:00 pm Preschool Office Hallway
  • January 29 - January 30 | Sibling Registration | 1:00 pm Preschool Office Hallway
  • February 6 | Church Member and Alumni Registration | 9:30 am Grace Chapel
  • February 7 or February 8 | TK Talk | 9:30 am - Grace Chapel
  • February 15 | TK Registration for Current Student Church Members | 9:30 am Grace Chapel
  • February 15 | TK Registration for Current Student Non Church Members | 10:30 am Grace Chapel
  • February 15 | TK Registration Church Member Non Current Student, Alumni, and Registered after 9/1/23 | 11:00 am Grace Chapel
  • February 15 | TK Open Registration | 11:15 am Grace Chapel
  • February 24 | Open Registration (18 mos. - TK) | 9:00 am The Commons/Wesley Cafe Area

For more information regarding the Chapel Hill Children's School registration process, please contact us by phone at 817-424-1396 or utilize our online contact form.